King County Historical Bibliography, Part 05: Schools and Education

  • Posted 11/23/2004
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This bibliography on schools and education in King County was prepared as a community history resource by staff of the former King County Office of Cultural Resources, now 4Culture (King County Cultural Development Authority). It was last revised in June 1999.


King County Landmarks and Heritage Program, King County Office of Cultural Resources
506 Second Avenue, Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98104-2307 (206) 296-7580, 1-800-325-6165 V/TDD


The information given below is a preliminary listing of resources relating to educational history in Seattle and King County. A considerable amount of information about schools can be found in community histories, newspapers, landmark nominations and record series held at archival facilities. Some school districts have well-developed records management programs. The Seattle School District maintains its own archival program, which has extensive resource material. The Highline Historical Society and the Shoreline Historical Museum each hold a considerable amount of historical material relating to their respective school districts.

The bibliography does not include landmark nominations or historic resource inventory forms for individual schools, even though these resources can often contain information that can be found no where else. Camp Waskowitz, for example, is an environmental learning center operated for decades by the Highline School District. It is the subject of a landmark nomination and an historic preservation study, both of which contain significant historical information. The bibliography does not include such items as yearbooks or school oriented sports biographies and histories, even though there is significant information in yearbooks and a considerable literature about school sports activities, especially at the collegiate level. Technical and curricular material can sometimes have historical value, as in the case of the Washington State History Curriculum materials produced by the depression era Works Progress Administration. Studies of heritage related curriculum materials are, however, much too extensive to be included here and may be considered for inclusion in a future publication of the Landmarks and Heritage Program. Papers in this series are updated periodically as new information is provided to the Landmarks and Heritage Program.


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