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Wehn, James A. (1882-1973)

James Wehn, a Seattle-based sculptor noted for his statue of Chief Seattle, sculpted figures and medallions depicting historically significant persons. His work is displayed across the state and as fa...

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Wehr, Wesley (1929-2004)

Wesley Wehr, a gifted musician at age 19, was invited in 1949 to tutor the painter Mark Tobey (1890-1976) on the piano. Thus began Wehr's close relationship with Tobey and ultimately with all the arti...

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Werner, August Hansen (1893-1980)

Born and raised in Norway, August Werner moved to Brooklyn, New York, as a young man and made a name for himself as a singer in both the Norwegian American and wider musical communities. By 1931, havi...

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William Fetter, E.A.T., and 1960s Computer Graphics Collaborations in Seattle

William Fetter (1928-2002) worked at Boeing in the 1950s and 1960s and invented early computer graphics applications. He also helped found a Seattle chapter of Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T...

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Wish You Were Here: Historic Postcards and Ephemera from around Washington

Take a vacation back to Washington as it was. The trip starts east of the mountains in Spokane ... Written and curated by Alan J. Stein; Produced by Alyssa Burrows. Postcards courtesy Alan J. Stein Co...

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Women Painters of Washington

Women Painters of Washington (WPW) began as one of the earliest arts organizations in this region and remains among the very few statewide women's arts associations in the country. The group formed in...

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Wright, Bagley (1924-2011)

Bagley Wright was a Seattle philanthropist, businessman, and civic leader. Wright's deft business skills, strongly held artistic preferences, deep financial means, and equally deep commitment to his c...

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